Respiratory Care & Sleep Therapy

For Respiratory Care and Sleep Therapy Patients: Your Wellbeing is Our Priority

We are proud to offer a diverse selection of medical equipment designed to support sleep and breathing. Within our catalog of products, you’ll find essential equipment like CPAPs, BiPAPs and Concentrators, as well as face masks to help patients manage various respiratory conditions.

Additionally, we are proud to partner with our esteemed sister company, Respitech Medical, to ensure your health and comfort. Through this partnership, we provide specialized services tailored to Cardio-Respiratory, Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Testing specialties in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices.­­

Respitech CPAP Services: YourTrusted Sleep Solution Provider
Within Respitech Medical, Respitech CPAP Services stands as a beacon of quality and care. As a family-owned, HQAA-accredited Durable Medical Equipment Company, our focus is solely on elevating sleep therapy standards. Our range includes various CPAP masks, PAP machines (CPAP/Bi-Level/ASV/auto-titrating), filters, hoses, adapters, and more.

Experience Unmatched Service and Value

At Specialty Medical Products and Respitech CPAP Services, we are committed to providing unmatched service and affordability. Our pricing is consistently competitive, often significantly lower than other providers, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality. We collaborate with major insurance providers and offer hassle-free rentals for continuous sleep therapy support.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Sleep Apnea Solutions
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Clinical Sleep Testing

Please see products below carried at Specialty Medical Products and visit Respitech’s website to explore our even more comprehensive range of sleep-related products and services. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance or to schedule a consultation

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