Homecare Products & Services: Enhancing Comfort, Enabling Independence

At Specialty Medical Products, our commitment lies in offering an extensive array of homecare products and services, all designed to foster comfort and bolster independence. We understand the significance of mobility, and our focus on providing top-notch solutions ensures individuals can maintain their lifestyle within the familiarity of their homes


Seating & Mobility Solutions


Bed Positioning & Safety Solutions


Respiratory Health & Sleep Solutions

Home Modifications & Accessibility Solutions

Aids for Daily Living

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Seating & Mobility Solutions

Our selection caters to various mobility needs, promoting freedom and ease of movement. Learn More.

Power Wheelchairs & Scooters
Facilitating indoor and outdoor mobility for enhanced independence. Learn More.

Bed Positioning & Safety Solutions

Electric Beds
Offering comfort and adjustability for a restful sleep experience. Learn More.

Bed Safety Rails & Bolsters
Ensuring safety and support during rest and sleep.

Overbed Tables
Convenient solutions for activities within the bed area.

Respiratory Health & Sleep Solutions

In partnership with our sister company, we provide quality sleep equipment tailored to your needs. Learn More.

Oxygen Solutions (NEW)
Convenient respiratory support solutions for enhanced well-being. Learn More.

Home Modifications & Accessibility Solutions

Safe and convenient mobility within your home, in partnership with our sister company. Learn More.

Home Modifications & Ramps
Enhance accessibility and comfort in your living space, supported by our sister company. Learn More. 

Aids for Daily Living

Canes, Walkers, Commodes & Shower Chairs
Assisting in daily tasks and personal care.

Lift Chairs
Providing assistance and comfort for seating and standing. Learn More. 

Incontinence Supplies
Ensuring comfort and dignity with high-quality products.

Medical Alerts
Peace of mind through reliable emergency response systems.

Bathroom Safety Equipment
Essential tools to prevent accidents and promote safety in the bathroom.

Let’s Talk

If you would like to place an order for any of our products, or would simply like to inquire about more information, please contact us at  610.644.1370 or send us a message. Our representatives will contact you shortly.